It's a series of events and activities designed to appreciate and enjoy Licacs, and might I say to learn more about lilacs.

Lilac Lovefest is looking for the first bloom of the season, so much so that they would like you to call or text them to let them know where the first bloom is.

I met with Linda Nervick. She is the person who started the Lilac Lovefest. There are so many things to learn about Lilacs. This area has the longest season of Lilacs. Another thing I didn't know, there are 7 different colors of Lilacs, the Lilac Lovefest website says most are familiar with the common lilac, Syringa vulgaris, which blooms in the northern states for 2 weeks in late May.

Purple lilacs are most fragrant on a sunny, warm day according to Lilac Lovefest. I know when I was growing up, there was a Lilac tree in the front yard, my Mom would pick the Lilacs and put them on the kitchen table and the sun would shine on them and the wind would blow, that was a natural air freshener, it would smell like Lilacs all over the house.

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Linda Nervick started Lilac Lovefest last year during the Pandemic so a lot of the activities are virtual but there are so many outdoor events that have been added, and with the mandates being lifted that she is excited with all the events.

You can do Yoga outside, make crafts, paint, and eat Lilacs! Yes, Lilacs are edible. There will be a train in June that will feature Lilacs in drinks. The Lilac Martini Train at the Lake Superior Railroad. There are how-to videos and a way to make drinks out of Lilacs.

If you happen to see the first bloom or want to connect with the website and celebrate Lilacs. You can follow below.

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