There is mild and medium, but what is happening to the Hot Sauce on the shelves? I have been to most of the food stores in the area and they are missing HOT sauce.

For a few weeks, I would go to the store and find a shortage of salsa and sauce. Then, later, I have noticed a shortage of HOT sauce. I like hotter sauce so I am always looking for my favorites and now I'm just looking for the spicy stuff. I went to East, West, Plaza, Duluth Heights, and Woodland. All of them had mild or medium, but nothing as far as hot went. All of them were out of Ortega hot.

Reddit has a few people complaining about not seeing hot sauce in the stores. Here's what a couple of people had to say about what they noticed, sort of like me.

phiftytwo:  My regular store has been out of it for about a week and a half. Today I drove to another store and no bottles to be found. Luckily, on the top shelf, they had sauce but it came in a squeeze bottle which I think is pretty cool.


Idrinkcheapbeer:So I went to the store today. The sauce shelf looked empty. They had those squeeze bottles you were talking about though. I had a squeeze bottle of Old El Paso medium in my hand, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a single small glass bottle of Ortega medium, my preferred brand/temp. So I was able to snag a little bit but it's still not looking good.

Wes on one of our company's other stations mentioned that he noticed Ortega hot was gone. I am in the same boat, I like the hot versions of each brand, and that one is my favorite.

I went to three different stores on three different days in my search. I looked by the salsa, the hot sauces, the dollar area (it's often there) and the taco shells area. ZERO. Am I looking in the wrong place, or is/was there a shortage? I found out I could order a bunch online, but all I want is some of that cheap, usually a buck, taco sauce and not a whole case of it.

So I decided to follow his lead and took to the online stores. There are multitudes of hot sauce on Amazon. These are hot sauces you can buy any time of the year. When I went on eBay, I found out why we may be short. People are selling it online. I found Ortega hot sauce, Taco Bell both hot and Diablo, all sorts of other brands that I noticed I couldn't get in the store.

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Are we in shortage mode because of the Pandemic again, or are we in shortage because this is the new item people are buying up and hoarding, hoping us suckers that love hot sauce will pay top dollar to get? Ok, I'll pay!! There has to be a reason the grocery stores are short or don't have just the hot sauce!

Any leads? Let me know with your station app or contact me online.

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