Some holidays are known for costumes.  Some for gifts.  Others require large-scale decorations.  But one common theme among most holidays is food. From elaborate meals for Christmas dinner to corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick;s Day (don't forget green beer) to Halloween trick-or-treat candy, food plays a large role in just about every holiday there is.  Even Valentine's Day - with its focus on cards and flowers - has it's boxes of chocolate and Sweet-Hearts candies to add to the celebration.

It seems like food-related holidays fall into two camps:  those with an emphasis on savory (or dinner-related) foods and those with an obvious sweet tooth (Halloween, Valentines).  One holiday in particular, though seems to collect the best of both worlds.  With its  family-style sit down dinner and it's basket of candy, the Easter holiday has a little something for everyone in the food department.

Maybe it's that "all-in" variety in the food department that makes Easter a favorite holiday to many.  Enjoy a large dinner with all the fixings?  No problem.  Want to treat yourself with some decadent candy?  The Easter Bunny is here for the rescue.

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Easter's spot on the calendar might also play a role in its food-focused meal celebrations.  Because the summer holidays tend to feature outdoor, backyard-grill-style meals (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day), Easter seems to represent the last of those indoor sit-down-style meals until November and Thanksgiving.

So - grab another piece of that ham.  Take a second scoop of the mashed potatoes.  Go ahead - take an extra jelly bean or two.  What's a holiday without food?

Here's a look at what foods are most-associated with the Easter holiday:

Foods That Are Most-Associated With Easter

Every holiday has its traditions - especially when it comes to food. Here's a look at those specific foods that are most-associated with the Easter holiday.

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