'Tis the seaon!  For many, the secular Christmas season is about traditions, family, gift-giving, and gift-getting.  But one of the biggest parts of the holiday season for many is the traditional large meal and foods that are served for December get-togethers.

Ask ten people what foods they most-associate with Christmas and chances are you'd get ten different answers - especially if they named more than one or two items.  The food that's served at Christmas-time is a combination of family, tradition, heritage, and what is considered celebratory.  And - to each their own.  While you might make a large meal for the holiday with many courses, someone else might serve a more-simple menu; it's the people we share it with that makes a holiday dinner special.

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So - if someone asked you what foods you most-associate with Christmas what would you say?  If we had to guess, here are some of the foods you'd probably mention:

Foods Associated With Christmas Dinners

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