Summertime in the Northland offers all sorts of things to do. We are lucky, we have winter things to do and Summer things to do.

We are spoiled with our lakes and water sports and water activities. Water skiing, boating, and fishing. Kayak on the lake, swim, and snorkel.

Go hiking and exploring. You can hike in the woods, or just explore, and the nice part is, with Northland, you can drive 15 minutes away and you are away from the city and can feel one with nature.

Not to mention places you can camp, or just sleep outside and look at the moon. The worst part of summertime? Mosquitos, they are everywhere and when you are trying to sleep all you hear is that high pitched sound, why do they have that sound?

Why not give fireflies that sound, it would make sense, they have the light, why not have the noise as well.

Enjoy our latest video.


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