Why do I go to the MN State Fair? The rides, no. The displays, no. The food? YES I love the State Fair corn dogs, but there's more.

Shari and I talked about some of the foods that MN is going to be featuring. I love that MN is leading the way with some of the freakiest combos and listings. I don't think anyone ever thought of deep frying ice cream until MN did it. I think there is a guy sitting in a room deep frying everything to see how it tastes.

I heard deep fried butter is going to be featured. That may be a rumor.

I used to have a State Record at the MN State Fair, I reveal that record, and I also talk about some of my favorite snacks from the State Fair. I have had some other favs from fairs I went to in Baton Rouge or other parts of Louisiana. I had a deep fried cheeseburger and bought my own deep fryer just to have those all the time.

I had a deep fried oyster sandwich on white toast and tobasco sauce from the fire departments in Maryland.

Here are some of our favs:

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