Here are the first things you SHOULD do when you win the lottery because the Mega Millions are worth $865 Million, but here's what people really do after they win.

(What You Should Do) SHUT YOUR MOUTH-The guys in the movie Goodfellas say it right. I hear this from every expert every time someone wins. Hire a PR person to speak for you and wait for a little and let it sink in that you won. Most people get on social media and announce they have won some money, especially the people that don't win the top money, but they might win a million or two. Most of those people get robbed or get swindled. Thieves know you have money and they target you!!

(What You Should Do)HIRE A LAWYER AND ACCOUNTANT-You should put away the money and only live on some of it or invest it, and hire a lawyer to deal with all the "Family" members that will come forward to try and get some money from you. What do most people do? Think they can splurge here and there and take care of family, they look at what to invest and they have nothing. Most people that win the lottery become bankrupt within 3 years.

(What You Should Do) GO ON VACATION AND GET CLOSER TO YOUR SPOUSE-This is a great time to get away and become closer to each other. You may have been stuck indoors for COVID or having to hide out once you won the money. You will definitely have to get away once the world knows you are the winner. What do people really do, divorce each other and sue for money. How much am I allowed to have if we get a divorce? Half! Then they spend all the money arguing and paying off the lawyers.

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(What You Should Do)KEEP YOUR JOB OR HAVE A JOB-I hear this time and time again. I'm quitting my job now that I am a millionaire. If you hate your job, do it! Then what? Keep working, you will go from having your time occupied to being bored, what happens when you are bored? Spend money or eat, so you will be fat and poor. Think about having a job, you don't have to be paid, you could do something you like.

What else should you do? Give a portion of it to Chris Allen (imagine I'm holding a watch and hypnotizing you) or become friends with him and pay for everything.

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