Though we wouldn't expect someone to eat an entire lasagna in one sitting, even one serving of this monster-of-a-dish from Epic Meal Time would still contain over 7,000 calories per-person when divided into 10 servings.

The literally epic lasagna was created by the men of Epic Meal Time, a website devoted to concocting and eating bizarre foods.

The men drove around to various fast food restaurants for ingredients. Included is Jack Daniels' homemade meat sauce, 15 Big Macs, 15 Wendy's Baconators, onion rings, 15 A&W Teen Burgers, Bacon, Cheese and a liter of Big Mac sauce.

In total, the lasagna contained 5,463 grams of fat and 71,488 calories. The meal was divided by four people and devoured in one sitting. That means each person consumed roughly 18,000 calories each, more calories than what's necessary for an entire week.

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