The footage was shown live on Facebook and on Friday night, here's the timelapse of the whole move.

This is amazing footage and history in the making, and the most unbelievable part of it was that there were only about 7 inches on each side of the Irvin by the blue bridge, and they still pulled it out without tugs.

Last Friday just before 10 pm, the William Irvin was moved for a facelift at Fraser shipyards to be restored and repainted. It will return in spring 2019. There were about a dozen people that were a part of it including Wren Works, City staff, AMI Engineering, and DECC staff.

It will be odd not to have the Haunted Ship around this Halloween, I am usually a part of it with live broadcasts for the radio station, not to mention doing Ghost Investigating with Duluth Paranormal Society and on my own. I have been a part of that for about 6 or 7 years, maybe more. So, my question is, how do I investigate the ship now that nothing is happening on it?

Here's the move.

Here's another angle.

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