Yes this is a real Dentist, he normally sings a variety of songs and parodies, but this time he decided to tackle the Coronavirus.

On his Facebook page he says, yes, he is a serious dentist and has a webpage that is serious as well. He handles all types of dentistry and has a very good back up staff to handle other types of dentistry.

He started just to have a little fun and then he went viral and decided it was ok. He wasn't doing it to be a star, but if people enjoyed it, he enjoyed doing it.

His name is Dr. Milad Shadrooh, and according to his website, he provides Tooth Whitening, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Orthodontics, Facial Aesthetics, Snoring Cessation, and Anti-grinding, Facial Pain and Migraine treatment. On his singing dentist webpage, he says he also co-founded SmileWise, a company that is dedicated to having a better experience with the dentist.

I like the video because it's fun and still reminds us of what we should be doing to avoid the virus.

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