Monday night, as the Minnesota Twins hosted the Chicago White Sox, a furry little creature put things on hold for a bit at Target Field.

A squirrel snuck into the Twins dugout in the bottom of the first inning, leading to a pretty humorous scene that looks like something out of a movie. Seeing all these elite athletes jump around and get freaked out by a little squirrel is certainly a sight to see.

The TV commentators from FOX Sports North gave a little squirrel play-by-play during the brief disruption (heard/seen below). While most of their commentary was pretty straight-forward, they did call out Miguel Sano for “wanting nothing to do with” the squirrel situation. Of course, one of the biggest guys on the team, fleeing the little squirrel.

I know, I know...Some of you might be thinking, what if it’s rabid? Luckily nobody got attacked. You can see the whole scene unravel below.

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