Anyone that has been in the Northland for those "transitional seasons" (spring and fall) knows that fog off Lake Superior is just part of the game.

We've seen a good handful of days and/or nights now, where the Twin Ports area and elsewhere near Lake Superior sees some fog. At times, just getting "above the hill" and away from the lake a bit will allow you to escape the seasonal gloom of the fog, but there have been some evenings where that fog expands inland quite a bit more, making for more difficult driving conditions. Add the ever-present threat of deer on the roads, and it can make for some tense drives to get to your destination.

I had to make a late-evening drive down toward Moose Lake last night, and the fog from just atop the hill near Spirit Mountain all the way to my destination and back was super thick. The video I snagged from NOAA's GOES East satellite shows that plume of fog pushing in from the head of Lake Superior well inland like someone exhaling on a cold January night.

Similarly, the Duluth office of the National Weather Service shared a different view of the fog from a couple nights ago. Using a different view from the GOES East satellite, the showed the expansion of fog in from Lake Superior around both the North Shore and South Shore on Tuesday night.

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Fog is likely to linger and come & go through the coming days. With that being the case, make sure you're doing all you can to stay safe if you're on the road when visibility is low from the fog.

The biggest tips to keep in mind when it is foggy are:

  • Reduce speed
  • Use your low beams (even during the daytime - that way others can see you)
  • keep extra distance between you and other drivers

Be safe out there!

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