I've loved guitar solos ever since I watched McGuinn of the Byrds pick his twelve string Rickenbacker, and Zal Yanofsky of the Lovin Spoonful play a screamin solo, then fall off the stage into the crowd and not miss a note. I thought it might be a fun idea for me to share my favorites with you. I gave it  a lot of thought before I finalized my top five, and I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to send me a comment. I'd be interested in your input. Enjoy!!!

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    Eric Clapton

    Giorgio Gomelsky termed him "Slowhand"

    The real story of how Eric got the handle "Slowhand."

    In Clapton - The Autobiography (2007), Eric had this to say, "On my guitar I used light-gauge guitar strings, with a very thin first string, which made it easier to bend the notes, and it was not uncommon during the most frenetic bits of playing for me to break at least one string. During the pause while I was changing my string, the frenzied audience would often break into a slow hand clap, inspiring Giorgio to dream up the nickname of 'Slowhand' Clapton."

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    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Allen Collins cuts Freebird solo in two takes

    If you were ever at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, When Ronnie Van Zandt asks the question "What do you want to hear?", the answer is always Freebird. I chose the band on the strength of Allen Collins. The chords were already done, and it was up to Allen to figure out a lead, and he did so in only two takes. Remarkable.

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    One of hard rocks finest .
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    Yngwie Malmsteen

    Inventor of the guitar phenomenon known as shredding
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    Eddie Van Halen

    Lead guitar player for Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen is  is primarily known for his guitar mastery. Both fans and musicians were awed by his unorthodox guitar technicians. Eddie would build and customize his guitars using sandpaper and even a chainsaw to alter the sound of his instruments, and achieved a distinctive sound as a result. He often played with his back to the crowds to guard his guitar playing techniques.

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