Two infrastructure projects saw bid approvals at the most-recent Superior City Council meeting.  At their "virtual" meeting on April 9, members approved the bids for sanitary sewer televising and sidewalk work.

The sanitary sewer televising bid was awarded to Absolute Pipe in the amount of $25,994.  Some discussion was made on whether or not the council should award the bid to a local company; a bid by a Superior-based company was received, but clocked in around $10,000 more. The council decided to go with the lower bid by a unanimous vote.

Bidding for sidewalk and concrete roadway repair went to Hovland Concrete, Masonry and Design in the amount of $496,116.  The city intends to have a sidewalk installed along F Street in addition to replacement work in South Superior, East End, and the UWS neighborhoods.  There are also plans to perform concrete repair work on the roadway at the intersection of North 37th Street and Tower Avenue.

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