There's being hands on and then there's, well, whatever the heck this is.

Watch as a man born without the fear gene climbs a ladder and demolishes a wasp nest with his hands. Hands, we should mention, that are not covered with gloves because this fella is tough. Or nuts. It really just depends on your point of view.

The man hails from Trinidad and has been going rogue on wasps like this for more than 20 years. He says he's done it over 50 times and has yet to be stung. Now, that may impress you and while we're kind of in awe of his ability, we can't help but think he is wildly overdue for one, if not several of the wasps, to give him the sting they really want to level on him.

And once he recovers we totally want this dude to do a stage show with this equally wild daredevil.

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