The Village of Superior is one of 125 wastewater treatment plants being asked by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to test their water for contamination fromper-and polyfluoroalkyl substances known as PFAS.  The letter went out on Monday, with the request currently being of a voluntary nature.

According to news sources, PFAS has been linked to a variety of health concerns - including  thyroid disease and decreased female fertility.  The risk would be in discharge water from the wastewater treatment plant getting into drinking water.

The voluntary call for tests calls for at least one in-take and one discharge sample within the next 90 days.  If there were any potential substances found in the discharge, the Wisconsin DNR would work with the municipality to reduce the emissions in order to diminish the risk.

It should be pointed out that this testing is not connected to the drinking or tap water; the tests are being carried out on wastewater or sewage.

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