You might want to be a little cautious ordering that hot dog.  A food service provider of Vienna-style Beef Hot Dogs has ordered the recall of more than 2,000 pounds of its product due to contamination from metal fragments.

Vienna Beef, Ltd - a Chicago-based manufacturer, ships the product to restaurants and food stands in three states - including Wisconsin.  According to news reports, because the client list is well-managed, they were aware of which specific retail locations received the potentially-contaminated product making the recall - and retrieval - easier.  In general, the company seems well on top of the situation:

"We picked it all up about a week and a half ago," Tom McGlade, vice president of marketing for the Chicago-based company.  [H]e said that only a small number of restaurants buy the big 10-pound boxes and, since the company tracks case numbers, it was able to identify the restaurants where the hot dogs had been delivered."

The United States Department of Agriculture website provides complete information about the recall and the affected products.

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