The University of Wisconsin-Superior has announced a new "planU" program for first year college students. It's an alternative online learning option that's available to help those students who are undecided on a major to get highly transferable credits at a lower cost. According to UWS, statistics show that 1 out of 6 high school graduates are unsure of their college plans in the fall due to COVID-19. 35 percent of surveyed high school graduates are considering taking a gap year before starting college. PlanU is being offered by UWS to help with students who may have a concern.

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To be clear, UWS is also going to be offering face to face classes in the fall for the majority of students who are comfortable returning to classes. But this new online alternative plan does give students an affordable, alternative way to learn. It will cost $273 per credit, and it is an eligible program for financial aid.

PlanU is just being offered as a one time program for the coming fall semester. The professors that will be teaching the online courses are known for their remote teaching skills. UWS also promises students a community experience for those studying online by connecting with other students through online activities.

Jeremy Nere, admissions director at the college says that this program is also being used for international students who were planning on coming to UWS, but now can't get a visa due to the pandemic.

This seems like a very useful program for first year students given the current situation. You can get some of your general education requirements taken care off in a safe, more affordable way.

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