The game started off show, which was like it had been for the USA the whole Olympics. With a 2-4 start John Shuster was unstoppable after that. In the final game, the team started behind, but when Shuster hit for a 5 point end, it was done.

The NBC cameras kept flashing back to the Duluth Curling Club during the entire match, and to Johns family. One thing i thought was funny. The cameras were focused on Ivanka Trump more than the game at times.

This was truly a team effort, with each person blowing a few shots and hitting a few shots. Tyler George was shooting over 90% and as a team were shooting 88% for the tournament.

After the match, John was quoted as saying during the qualifying rounds when they were second to last, he said to the team, we are not coming all this way and working so hard during the year just to come here and fail. From that time on, John was on fire.

The USA had to beat Sweden, who was considered to be one of the favorites to win, and the Canadians the round before that.

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