I have been opening myself up to new tastes and have been enjoying the creations my bartender friends have created, and Miss Kelly and I love going out for a evening cocktail. We headed out to the Spirit Room in Superior to meet up with friends and they suggested the 5th Floor.

As a very picky eater and drinker, I have been opening myself up to new tastes and stop in to say hi to friends at the Spirit Room, one of the first things my buddy Gary tells me is to try this drink that is called the 5th floor. I see jalapenos sitting in this drink thinking no way do I want to drink that.

So I order it after he tells me what is in it. Svedka mango pineapple, vodka, fresh jalapeno, maple syrup, lemonade and pineapple juice.

The aroma of the fresh jalapeno was the first to hit my senses then the sweet taste of the juice hits you with a dark taste of the maple syrup. Wow my senses were wild with tastes and smells that don't seen to fit, but do oh so well. I would have never believed to would be so refreshing.

I can not wait for our next adventure out with new drinks and good friends.