Traditions are funny things, not always good things. Sometimes families like to celebrate their heritage and will serve foods that are brought from the old country and have them for a certain holiday.

Some foods aren't served over the years because no one can make them as Grandma used to, some aren't served because they are wretched piles of you know what. Most families serve ham or turkey. There are other foods that are popular, but when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of turkey or ham.

When I was a kid, I never liked ham and that's what my Grandma made, so I would have to choke it down so as not to hurt my Grandma's feelings. She worked so hard. Christmas is when my family hauled out the turkey, so I liked Christmas meals better.

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Besides Christmas has cookies, but that's beside the point. Foods that people give to the dog because they can't handle it.

Every family has them, a food that is handed down through the years and served. Not everyone likes them, most of the time they hate them, but people serve them to keep the tradition going. What are some of those foods in your family? Leave comments below.

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