Liz Calson and Lynn Olmsted have started a new business, but they aren't making any money. It relies on the kindness of one group of people to bring smiles and new life to flowers for another group of people. The business is called REBLOOM. Liz and Lynn pick up flowers donated from weddings, funerals, or other events and repurpose them for nursing homes and hospices



At this time they are looking for people to donate their flowers, but most of all they are looking for vases to donate to this project. Some of the flowers they get are from weddings or funerals and they are quite large. They split them up into smaller vases and bring them to people to brighten up their room and their life, to let them know they are loved. 

They were trying to start slow and just ask friends for donations of vases or spread by word of mouth they were looking for donations of flowers. Friends starting posting on facebook and it grew. Right now you can't contact them except through facebook.


They have a phone number you can call and get more information. 218-600-7934

liz carlson
liz carlson

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