One trend I have noticed with dogs lately, besides people not picking up after them, is letting their dogs run free in public places.

I know, people will say their dog is friendly, well trained, and just want to be petted. I'm thinking you don't know how some other person might react to the dog that might put the dog in run mode or bite by mistake. The other thing to worry about is that there might be another dog and that dog might not be friendly with other dogs.

I saw on the next-door app that many people are seeing people run, bike, walk, or play with their dog off the leash.  This is a big NO-NO, according to the Duluth MN website, in Duluth if your dog is not on a leash, it is a $200 fine. There are plenty of places to bring a dog and let them off the leash, just not in public places. Here is the official leash law.

Not only can it be bad for humans and other animals like I mentioned above, but Pet Helpful says the dog could also run out in front of a car and get hit. Everyone says, oh my dog is trained and wouldn't do that. What if they get spooked? They could dart and get hit, and that would not be good for the dog and the person that hit them, they would feel terrible.

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There are plenty of places you can run your dog around off the leash. I know they love to run free, just do it in a place that they are safe from causing trouble or getting fined like:

  • Jean Duluth Dog Park
  • Observation Park
  • Keene Creek Dog Park
  • Gary-New Duluth Haas Memorial Dog Park

So, if you are taking your dog out in public, make sure they are on a leash no more than 6 feet long.

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