November is going to be a busy month for astronomy lovers. With 3 meteor showers, fireballs, Lunar Eclipse, Full Frost Moon, and we already got a top-notch Northern Lights display.

There will be three meteor showers, a lunar eclipse (one where the moon is shadowed by the earth) will blank out 97% of the moon. It will also be part of a full moon. According to NASA, a three-hour and 28-minute partial lunar eclipse will take place on Nov. 18 and 19, and people across the world will simply have to walk outside to catch a glimpse. Totally The Bomb says Pleiades star cluster, as well as the Seven Sisters, will also be visible.

Taurid Meteor Shower-First Part Of The Month

The Annual Geminid Meteor Shower From Valley Of Fire State Park
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

This meteor shower won't be all that strong and will be harder to watch because Mother Nature might not cooperate and people will just plain miss it according to CNN. There is a Southern Taurid meteor shower, which won't be all that great. So the North Taurid meteor shower will shine around Veterans day, potentially producing a few of its signature fireballs.

The Taurids bring slow and steady streams from September to December so even if you miss it one month, you can still catch it. The November stream is the best. The peaks aren't as eventful and defined as some other meteor showers, but the Taurids are known for the occasional fireball or streak in the sky which can be exciting.

CNN says North Taurid meteor showers produce about five visible meteors per hour at a relatively slow speed. However, both are known for their spectacular fireballs and strong light..

Leonid Meteor Shower - Nov. 17-18

Perseid Meteor Shower
(Photo by Bill Ingalls/ NASA via Getty Images)

The third meteor shower will be the most active but might be the hardest to see. It will come on a night when the full moon is out and it will be very bright (assuming weather will cooperate) and will make watching the Leonid Meteor Shower hard to spot all the showers.


It will be a display, but not an explosion this year. The Blogging Housds says about 10-15 per hour so maybe bring something to see them with.

Partial Lunar Eclipse - Nov. 19

The July 2018 Lunar Eclipse
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Saving the best for last, the top astronomy event of not only the month but in all of 2021 will occur. For the first time since January 20, 2019, according to The Blogging Hounds, you'll be able to see a partial lunar eclipse anywhere in North America.

November’s partial lunar eclipse will be a preview of what’s to come in 2022. A total lunar eclipse will be visible in May 2022, followed by a total lunar eclipse for the western U.S. in November. So, this year good, next year great! This year's partial will be late in the night though, so bring coffee.

Here is an explanation of what will happen.

NASA has a chart for everything happening in the skies.

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