Sometimes luck is in the hands of the authorities. A fairly routine traffic stop in a Wisconsin community has resulted in a large drug bust. In fact, authorities are calling it "one of the largest drug seizures in the history" of the state crime bureau.

Due to the nature of the crime and the fact that it's still an active investigation, the West Central Drug Task Force (WCDTF) isn't releasing many details about the bust. But they did share that the stop and the resulting search turned up "nearly five pounds of methamphetamine". Calculating its street value, the law enforcement agency is suggesting that the methamphetamine could have garnered $118,000 for the suspects involved.

While they're keeping many of the details out of the media until the investigations are over, the Eau Claire Police Department - who had worked in conjunction with the West Central Drug Task Force on the stop - did share the news and a picture of the meth they confiscated on their Facebook page:

The West Central Drug Task Force is a multi-bureau agency that pools the resources and manpower of a variety of police and sheriff departments throughout its region.  They also partner with federal authorities in a variety of drug-related cases.

At this time, they have not released the names of the individuals involved in the traffic stop or whether or not charges have been filed. As this is an active investigation, those details should be forthcoming at some point in the future.

According to survey details, approximately 2.5 million people in the United States 12 and older reported using methamphetamine during the last year. And, it's estimated that 32,537 individuals died from methamphetamine overdoses in the United States in 2021.

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