These little pizzas that cost under two dollars got me through my teenage years, and also when I first moved out and got my own place. Now they’re boasting less packaging.

Back when CD's first came out, they were in very large packaging. The box doubled the size of the CD. As businesses look at ways to reduce costs just like the CD's went just shrink wrap, so has Totinos as they move from a cardboard box to a easy open bag.

To this day, I still enjoy these little pizzas. Yes they’re cheap, but they’re oh so good. We were shopping and I noticed these pizzas in a bag. Totinos says it's the same amount of pizza and easy to open. It's also nice that it has your nutritional information on the front of the bag.

Opening the bag, it's still kind of strange to say opening the bag for my pizza. The first thing you will notice that it is no longer round, it is in a rectangle shape. It also seems that the pizzas do have better covering of toppings. The crust is still the same, it cooks the same.

I have no problem with the new packaging of the pizza's. Less room in the freezer, less box trash and still makes me happy as I bite into that crispy crust and grab myself Shasta pop and I just had dinner for under two dollars.