How many days have we had rain in a row?  I miss the sunshine and the word "ark" actually entered my mind this morning.  As the dog was impatiently barking at the door (he hates getting wet) while I was no where near the door, I started making a list of why I'm sick of the rain. 

I realize the rain is suppose to clear out this afternoon, but it's suppose to return for the weekend and I mean ALL weekend!  Moo!

  • 1

    Haven't Been Able To Mow

    Ok, sorta our fault.  We could have mowed before it started raining but it wasn't that long then and we were busy.  Then the monsoon hit and it's like jungle grass now.  I'd bet money that when it dries up, we'll be too busy again.  Anybody got a scythe?

  • 2


    I had a mental map of where the potholes were on the streets that were familiar to me, so I can navigate what looks like a pool of water, however if you aren't as familiar with the roads, watch out for what looks like puddles.  They could just be a pretty big pothole filled with water waiting to break your axles in half.

  • 3

    Sand Volleyball Sucks In The Mud

    We just recently joined an outdoor volleyball league and since the rain was torrential and there wasn't lightning we played.  However, it had been raining for days so the sand was not soft and pliable.  It was more like wet, course concrete.  I need my pseudo white sandy beaches back!

  • 4

    Wet Dog

    The world is Bauer's bathroom, unfortunately that means he has to take it as it comes and he HATES getting wet.  So, he holds it until he can't, goes out, pops a squat, drops a stink pickle in record time and is back at the door impatiently barking.  I don't like it either, he smells like, well...wet dog and I have to wipe his paws and he doesn't go for that real well either.

  • 5

    Wet Bottoms Of My Jeans

    Inevitably it happens, I end up wearing shoes without heels and the bottom of my jeans drag on the wet ground.  Not a big deal while I have my shoes on, but when I get home and take my shoes off, oh boy!  It depends on how wet it was and how long the waters been wicking up my jeans, but I usually end up stepping on the cold wet edge and thus my socks get wet.  UGH!

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