Grandma's Marathon is just one of the events that puts Duluth on the map.  They are in full swing with their Wednesday Night at the Races at this time.  Running events like that have spurred several 5K races to crop up, mostly as fundraisers for non-profits and due to that we have a huge running community in the Northland.  These are some of my favorites, maybe you have a few different ones, what's yours and why?


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    Insane Inflatable 5K

    The Insane Inflatable 5K held at the Richard Bong Airport in Superior on September 30th is like non-other.  It's not so much about speed, but the fun of getting through the oversized inflatable obstacle course.  It's something the whole family can participate in and feel accomplished when you cross the finish line.

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    Run Like An Animal

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    William A Irvin 5K

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    The Gobbler Gallop

    I bet you can guess by the name, Gobbler Gallop, that this 5K is held on Thanksgiving morning.  To be honest, I have yet to run this race myself because I'm always volunteering at the DECC for the Thanksgiving Buffet, but my friends that have run it says it's fun and many dress like turkeys! I think I'd like this race because the weather is cooler and I run better in those conditions.  Plus, you get to eat a HUGE meal afterwards and don't have to worry about calories because you already got your exercise in that day.

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    The Jingle Bell Run

    Once again, a holiday is the inspiration for the Jingle Bell 5K Run.  It allows participants to dress in themed clothing (and it's cold, so you want that extra layer) and raise money for the Arthritis Foundation.  You'll hear these runners coming, most have tied jingle bells to their shoes!

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