The anticipation of eating several yummy foods at the Minnesota State Fair is a huge draw for me, but I struggle to "eat healthy".  Usually what happens is I walk around and around while everyone I'm with is stopping to get what they want (usually several different kinds of food) and I end of with a bucket of chocolate chip cookies on the way out.  LAME!  This year I've done my research and found the closest I could get to "healthy" foods and this would be my top 5 picks.



    Cranberry Wild Rice Meatballs

    I LOVE Swedish-style meatballs and these are adorned with cranberries to give an ordinary Swedish meatball a bit of a tang, add wild rice blend and cover it with Lingonberry sauce. Yummy!  You'll find it at Hamline Church Dining Hall, with my blessing.


    Deviation Stout Steak Taco Naan

    What is naan?  It's a leavened oven-baked flatbread.  This one is filled with steak that has been marinated in Modist Deviation 004 - Mexican Dark Chocolate Stout beer then grilled and topped with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, queso fresco, cilantro lime and jalapeño ranch sauces, and wrapped in naan flatbread that has been warmed.  Ole'!  Get this south of the border treat at San Felipe Tacos.


    Swing Dancer Sandwich

    The cream cheese doesn't make this all that healthy, but for those that like salmon, this is your ticket to happy taste buds.  The salmon they use is honey smoked,  add cucumbers, capers and cream cheese with fresh dill on pumpernickel and you've got a very unique taste.  "Catch" this sandwich at The Hideaway Speakeasy.


    Spicy Thai Noodles

    I'm half Asian so this is right up my alley!  I love rice noodles and curry, so this is something I know I'll enjoy.  They use red curry with coconut milk and further intensify the flavor using kaffir lime, basil leaves, bell peppers, galangal, onions and tomatoes. (Gluten-free, by the way)
    Where would you find all this out of this world flavor?  At Oodles of Noodles, of course!


    Brown Ale And Onion-Gouda Tipsy Pie

    Ok, I agree with you, this is no where near being healthy, but dang they make it sound good.  You take a pie crust and fill it with onions that have been caramelized in Lift Bridge Brewery’s Chestnut Hill Brown Ale, add smoked Gouda cheese and top it with an onion sugar drizzled with a sweet beer glaze.  I have to stay true to our Lift Bridge, right?  I'm sure if this doesn't satisfy your craving you'll find another pie that does at Sara’s Tipsy Pies.