John Gurzinski/Jessica Kourkounis-Getty Images
John Gurzinski/Jessica Kourkounis-Getty Images

Tonight kicks off the first of three presidential debates. Tens of millions of voters are expected to watch, and political experts agree tonight's debate will be the most important ninety minutes of the entire presidential race.

Democratic strategists are saying "everything's at stake tonight for Mitt Romney, and if he can't turn momentum his way,his campaign is effectively over."

Republican strategists say if Romney has a credible debate, the entire landscape of the election will be changed.

Tonight's first debate is expected to be the most viewed, or to put it another way, most voters will have made up their mind after tonight's showing.

Moderator Jim Lehrer will ask a question of each candidate, and the rest of the debate will be pretty much free flowing between both candidates.

The debate will be televised at 8 p.m. Central time tonight. I'll be watching, how about you?


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