ToddZilla has been making music for a long time his own way, and now is known for his own sound, but it came from musicians he idolized.

You have to start somewhere, for ToddZilla it started with his older sister, who sang opera music, he knew he liked it. He started playing music with a clarinet. He was first chair in the band, but one day he saw an electric guitar, and that was first way his life changed. So, then he announced to his Mom, he wanted to learn to play.

It started with a friend showing him some chords on a guitar. They say you don't pick an instrument, it picks you, but ToddZilla connected very quickly to a guitar. His influence was with KISS, then when he heard Van Halen, he was moved to go look at the album. Once he saw the cover he was sold. It was so different, and he was able to figure out what Eddie Van Halen was playing, and that earned him creds with his friends and he learned that ladies liked it too.

He heard Prince, and it was a done deal. It changed the way he thought about music and the presentation too. He moved on to play Rock, then presented his style with a large band with horns and singers called Jones World, went totally funk with Toddzilla's Funkhammer, and now he is playing the music of Prince.

His new presentation is called a Rip Roarin' Big Top. He says it's got circus performers, dancers, and other oddities around him. Check out all of Toddzilla's music, and the full interview. I have posted the hour I spent talking to Toddzilla when the mics went off.


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