Tim Cheesbrow is an artist that writes his own music and this year finally produced and engineered it as well.

It's a proud moment for an artist when they can take control of their own music. When you can shape it to your liking, most of the time people connect with artists when they have control. Look at Huey Lewis and the News. They were allowed to take control of their music for the album SPORTS, their biggest selling album. So, when I talked to Tim he mentioned how excited he was that he had done all the work on the new album, only to have a work stoppage with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tim had music around him, his parents and brother sang and his brother played bass, but he says, he was the only one stupid enough to make it a living, which has been tough with Tim not playing shows.

Tim has been lucky as a musician and artist. He said he grew up idolizing a couple of local artists. He used to go see a band called Spruce Top Revue as a kid and got to know them. Tim's first guitar was given to him by Kevin, a member of that band, who later recorded on one of Tim's Albums along with Kevin's Aunt Peg.

Who did he look up to? Peter Mayer from Stillwater. Tim says he would study his music and eventually went up to him and asked if he could hang out and talk about songwriting. Peter spent a year talking to Tim and teaching him how to write a song.

It's no wonder Tim pays it forward, working with kids and people teaching them how to write songs to deal with feelings and express themselves. You can learn more by connecting with SONGWRITING FOR WELLNESS below.

Tim's new album is out and you can learn more on his website below too.

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