With the Duluth Does Clapton coming soon there are still tickets and they should be bought because these go fast.

Eric Clapton was influential on so many musicians, and the best part about this concert is the guitar players will come forward. It will be a chance to see great musicians and great singers. This will be the best of the "Duluth Does...." series.

One thing I have seen is musicians are trying to be a part of this concert. There are people saying they will play drums or other instruments. If you have never seen a concert at Sacred Heart Music Center, it's a great venue.

The Sacred Heart Facebook page has this to say:

Eric Clapton's music career has spanned more than five decades performing with The Yardbirds and John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers before forming his own bands Cream, Blind Faith and Derek and the Dominos, which recorded the classic "Layla" in 1970. A string of solo albums followed which generated hits throughout the 70s and 80s including songs like "I Shot the Sheriff," "Wonderful Tonight," "Cocaine," "She's Waiting" and "Tears in Heaven" in 1991.

As part of its ongoing tribute series, Duluth Does Eric Clapton will celebrate the work of this influential and highly acclaimed artist with a night featuring his music at Sacred Heart Music Center. The setlist will feature Twin Ports musicians each interpreting an Eric Clapton song in their own personal style.

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