The Super Bowl is going to be played in a cold place, a first for Super Bowls. It might spell the end of some of the teams used to playing in a dome or warm weather. That's not why the Super Bowl might be cancelled, it's much bigger than weather!!

People make snacks and Super Bowl foods that are shared, chips and guac, burgers, bacon, pizza and NACHOS!! Melted velveeta, meat, salsa, olives......wait there's a shortage of Velveeta?

Yes, Kraft foods says this time of year they make more, but this particular year, they can't keep up. People on Twitter are calling it a cheesepocalypse! Since there might be a shortage, that has created a demand. People are buying more in order to fill more boxes to fill orders for this football season. That is also causing a shortage, people buying more than they normally do. Was it an internet lie or are they really short?

Some critics are saying Kraft planned this and are creating a shortage in order to sell more, but Kraft is saying they are not. Still, that does not solve the fact that there is a cheese shortage.

According to CBS News,While it’s unclear how widespread the shortage is, Kraft is risking losing out on sales during prime chips-and-dip season, as the NFL playoffs continue and lead up to the Feb. 2 Super Bowl.

Velveeta isn’t just an icon of American food-processing ingenuity. The brand has been showing growth, according to Kraft’s third-quarter earnings release. Velveeta slices -- thin slices of the cheese -- have boosted sales, while Velveeta dinner kits are continuing to win over consumers, the company said in its earnings release.

While it’s not clear if the shortage is just for classic Velveeta or if it includes spin-off products like the Velveeta dinners, it is a shortage. Whatever will we do......put out a veggie tray!!

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