Dave was an average guy like everyone else. He tried to save money, go green, do the right thing recycling. That's what got him in trouble and eventually burned down his house. He decided to turn his misfortune into a lesson for everyone.

In the video, Dave talks about how he changes the 9 v batteries in every one of his smoke alarms and detectors. Then he puts them in a bag to be recycled. He just happened to be moving things around and it bumped the bag and put two 9v batteries together positive to negative, and they got hot, blew up and started his garage on fire, then started his house on fire.

One simple thing, a prevention, could have saved his house. I watched this video and immediately came home and did what he did in this video, put electrical tape over the tops of all my 9v batteries.

Watch the video. **One thing to keep in mind. After being told not to go back in to the burning structure, he did. It is strongly advised NOT to go back into a burning building of any sort. Let the fire department do that.

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