Blockbuster Video Rental stores are done renting dvd movies. The last rental went out the door at the Hawaii location, the last US store to rent. How fitting that the final rented film was 2013′s comedy of the same name, "This Is The End" starring Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill.

Seth Rogan tweeted that he used to hang out at Blockbuster every day. How cool is it to be part of history.  The final 300 stores are getting ready to close, I thought it had happened already. With all the different ways you can watch a movie or tv show, I am surprised they were doing any business at all.

Blockbuster Twitter
Blockbuster Twitter

Here's the last dvd being rented, from Blockbuster's Twitter account.

Last Wednesday, Dish Network president and CEO Joseph P. Clayton said people are shifting to Digital for their entertainment needs but he also said he saw value in the Blockbuster brand. Since Dish owns the Blockbuster brand and licensing rights, and the video library. Dish will most likely move into the digital market with the Blockbuster name.

January is when Dish expects to close all the stores. Some of the employees have already left and started other jobs, while the others will get walking papers shortly after Christmas.

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