Living here, it's easy to take Minnesota for granted.  From the rustic Northwoods atmosphere to the plentiful lakes, the landmarks to the attractions, the state offers a lot of ways to entertain; it's no wonder people from outside the region like to visit on vacation.

Before that visit, chances are that the soon-to-be tourist will spend some time thinking trough their vacation - both with planning out the activities and also what to pack to take along.  There are countless websites and chamber organizations designed to assist someone planning a vacation to the state; and the list of potential "must see" destination attractions is lengthy. At the same time, simple logic can probably dictate what to pack; most people bring "the usual" toiletries with them and then base the clothing decisions on the season.  Planning through a vacation in advance leaves less of a chance for surprises when you get to your destination.

But there are some things that might surprise a first time visitor to the "land of 10,000 lakes". And in truth, the same thing is more than likely true for any city, state, or region you plan to visit.  Minnesota has it's own foods, customs, sayings, and more. Having a good tip-off to some of these items can take the stress out of the trip and make it more enjoyable.

So what are some of those things that might surprise a first time visitor to Minnesota? What might give a first-time visitor reason to pause?   Read on:

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