Men and women differ when it comes to their homes. Whether she is the breadwinner or the stay at home type, every woman should know these things about their home. If you ask me this could be about men as well, but the survey was not about men. This survey is mostly about women who own homes too.

According to here are things women should know:

Cook a signature meal that’s not toast. Something simple-yet-delicious that you can whip up for guests. Scrambled eggs count but only if you add a little spinach and cheese.

Flip your own breaker. When the power short-circuits from using your blowdryer and space heater at the same time, you’ll be so thankful for this knowledge.

Kill a bug and dispose of it. Spider in the bathtub? No problem. Wasp in the living room? Whatever. Cockroach in the kitchen? No worries. You’ve got this.

Patch a hole in the wall. Have you ever done this before? It’s actually really fun. Put on some music and get spacklin’!

Reboot the Internet. Seriously, it’s so empowering to know how to get your signal back and not rely on condescending advice from the Geek Squad or your nerdy brother.

Move a couch or large chair by yourself. Even if it takes you 20 minutes of shove-shove-scootch. Worth it, especially for those 2AM furniture-rearranging urges.

Practice grown-up stranger danger techniques. Know what to do when someone you don’t know is at the door asking to come in. Trust your gut and stick to your plan.

Patch a hole. You might cut the corner too sharp with a table or something happens to take some of the wall off. You should know how to fix it.

Reboot your computer. You should know if you get stuck or your computer crashes or freezes how to restart your computer, or phone.

Pay the bills on time. This is an organization thing, maybe add balance an account or checkbook.

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