Theresa Williams has been flying under the radar despite playing around the area, now you can get to know her and support her when music comes back.

Theresa was singing in bands around the area and jumped from band to band, but when her band broke up she had to decide what the next step in her musical journey was. She decided to go solo and has never looked back.

She came from a musical family and not just her brothers and sisters, but her parents and her grandparents and even further band than that. Many people know her brother Nic Tucci who enjoyed some solo success and then as a great bass player and multi-talented vocalist who could sing any style.

Theresa said she learned the effect of music on people when she played on the sidewalk one day with a friend of hers and when they played a certain song she could see the emotion take over some of the people. She says she sees how people connect to her music and that is why she enjoys playing and singing for people.

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