I am so excited to see Theresa Caputo again when she returns to the DECC Symphony Hall on April 4th. I was there the first time she came and it was an experience to say the least. Some of the stories that came through were shocking, some were funny, and some made you cry. All the stories and people that came through made you realize, we are all the same. The stories vary, but we all share love with our family, we keep our memories close, and we all want to know they are ok on the other side.

The new season on "Long Island Medium" on TLC has some surprises, and some health scares. I talked to Theresa about it, as well as a story from the show last time about a guy that did not want to be there and didn't want to give in to Theresa and validate what she does. His wife came to be read, and he was the one who had relatives visit.

She also talks about her new book "Good Grief" that talks more about how to deal with loss of loved ones.

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