That's the theme this year. Gala guests will have the opportunity to explore the grounds, newly opened spaces, and, of course, the mansion.

The Gala is August 18th from 7 pm to 10 pm. The food will be BY NORTHERN WATERS SMOKEHAUS a British-Isles influenced menu with appetizers suited to a variety of palates. Fish, vegetables, cheese, meats, and sweets. See Glensheen’s gardens at their peak and at night. From the Vegetable and Formal Gardens to the Lake Superior Shore and Stone Arch Bridge. The Glensheen Gala is the only event allowing guests to explore all of Glensheen’s public spaces, including the second floor of the Carriage House, the famous Third Floor of the Mansion, Clara’s Balcony, and the rarely-opened Silver Safe.

According to the website, there will be two stations.

Cucumber cups with fresh pea soup, creme fraiche, cured herring roe, and pea shoots
Endives with Boursin and pickled Peruvian peppers
Gravlax Bites with scallion cream cheese, capers, red onion, and egg on rye
Isle of Man Deviled Eggs with Lake Superior kippers (smoked Lake Trout)
Watercress Finger Sandwiches with Devon Butter on Hausmade pullman loaf

English Hand Pies with lamb, peas, mint, and potatoes
Stilton Puffs with Smokehaus Pancetta and candied walnuts
A selection of British Isle Cheeses with Hausmade crackers, fresh fruit, and Hausmade preserves
A selection of Macaroons: Lemon, English Lavender, and Brown Butter
Trifle Pies with Custard, Hausmade jam, clotted cream, and chocolate shavings

Enjoy a complimentary drink and tour the estate to find two free “shot in the dark” locations. There will also be cash bars on the grounds spread around.

Park offsite and ride the shuttle to Glensheen. The shuttle, running on a continuous loop, will bring guests onto the estate via the West Gate and Main Driveway. Once the night is over, take the shuttle back to your car as a perfect way to end the evening.
Shuttle Location: Duluth East High School


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