This is the biggest thing people are discussing. Some Twin Ports businesses are requiring masks already, should the whole city of Duluth or Superior?

There is a petition on that is gaining momentum for the whole city to enact a must wear policy for masks. People are saying they can't believe how money other people aren't wearing their masks. I did a poll recently on Facebook and found that just over 60% of people in the Northland are wearing their masks.

At the time I am writing this, over 1500 people have signed and they are looking for 2500. The petition starts with a message to Mayor Larson, to take control and make it mandatory to wear a mask in public.

KBJR-TV is reporting that council representatives Arik Forsman and Janet Kennedy are speaking out in public in support of the measure and that Kennedy signed the petition with comments in support of the measure.

Fox 21 is reporting that the council introduced an ordinance that would require people to wear masks to all indoor businesses with special exemptions for people eating and drinking in restaurants and bars, churches, schools,  and fitness centers. There would also be special rules for child care providers..

What happens if you don't wear your mask? Forsman told Fox 21, a person could be fined or given a warning. According to Fox 21, the city council will vote on July 13th, and if passed would go into effect right away and will stay in effect until the local and state agencies and leaders lift some of the restrictions for being in public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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