Over the last month, cyclist Bradley Wiggins has become a hero in his native Great Britain. In July, he became the first Briton to ever win the Tour de France and won his fourth career Olympic gold medal, and seventh overall, to become his country’s all-time most successful olympian.

In addition to his victories, his Mod fashion sensibilities and choice of music has attracted the attention of the Who‘s Roger Daltrey. On Aug. 2, Wiggins included the Who’s cover of Martha and the Vandellas’ soul classic ‘(Love is Like a) Heat Wave’ on a playlist for NME. Upon hearing the news, Daltrey extended an invitation to meet the champion on their upcoming tour.

“What an honour to know he was listening to us while training,” NME is reporting. “I think we’ll have to get him onstage. He’s an honorary guest at any show he wants. He’s got a backstage pass for life.”

Apparently we wasted all those years learning to play guitar in the hopes of meeting a rock legend when we should have been out riding our bicycles. Maybe our parents were right, after all.

“I’m just in admiration of the man,” he continued. “What he’s shown the world as a sportsman is something that hasn’t been seen for a very long time; his dignity, his humility, his showmanship.”

Wiggins may get the opportunities to see his heroes in person tonight (Aug. 12). The Who are rumored to perform at the Closing Ceremony.