One thing for sure I can tell you is that Duluth and Superior do not fall into this category. Duluth is one of the most naturally beautiful places in Minnesota, plus many of the old buildings have been restored or knocked down. Yes, we do have a few gems that need to be fixed up, but for the most part downtown and the surrounding areas are in pretty good shape. Plus the people in Duluth and the surrounding areas are the definition of Minnesota Nice.

So how about Superior? Also plenty of natural beauty being on Lake Superior as well and beautiful Barker's Island. Also over the last few years, the city of Superior has put a lot of work and money into revitalizing the area like Tower Avenue and many high-end apartments buildings have been popping up as well.

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So what constitutes an ugly town? It could be the physical surroundings, location in that particular state and or the people are nasty. Our Health Depot recently compiled a list of all 50 states, but I am sticking to Minnesota and Wisconsin. So here we go:

Ugliest Town In Minnesota: Glencoe

Photo: Map quest
Photo: Map quest

According to Wikipedia the population was 5,631 at the 2010 census. It is located 50 miles straight West of Minneapolis. The town's claim to fame is that it was was the subject of the French film director Louis Malle's documentary "God's Country", filmed in 1979 and 1985. So what exactly makes this town so ugly?

According to Our Health Depot: some people who have lived there and now moved away have said if you are not from there or know someone who is from there the general vibe is you are not welcome. I am sure this might be the underlying tone of a lot of small towns as this one. Pretty sure that everyone knows everybody's business good or bad. Not to say just because it is a small town it is naturally uninviting, but being an outsider might be a tough transition. Some positives about Glencoe are you are only an hour away from the Twin Cities so you could hop in the car and get that big city experience pretty easily. They have a regional health care system, a country club and a nice park with an aquatics center, softball fields, and fishing pond.

Ugliest Town In Wisconsin: Milwaukee

Yikes, my hometown coming in as the ugliest town in Wisconsin. I must say as far as a skyline downtown Milwaukee does not really have much of one, and there is a distinct smell between the breweries and Ambrosia Chocolate Factory.

Nicknamed "Pittsburgh of the Midwest", it is not too far off in that it is very industrial with a number of factories everywhere. But I must say since I was younger I have seen a lot of improvements in revitalizing the downtown area and the suburbs especially where I grew up have grown by leaps and bounds. Plus, now Milwaukee has something to brag about with an NBA Championship under their belt!

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