I try to limit my time on TikTok, because it often sucks me into a time warp and before I know it, two hours have passed. But I did spend some time checking out what these UWS Hockey players are up to.

The Hockey Guys are a group of 10 UWS hockey players that regularly post entertaining videos on TikTok, and have managed to amass over 1 million followers, not an easy thing to do on the platform. The videos are a mix of popular TikTok trends, hockey-related content, and generally, just a group of college friends having fun.

If you know anything about hockey, you probably know that many of the players have nicknames, often shortened versions of their name, lots of the time ending in the letter "y". If you want to know what I'm talking about, check out the names of The Hockey Guys, Taver, Kappy, Lawsey, Cuddy, Yelle, Bates, Pacer, Jmarts, Frizz, and Will Bates.

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Fun game, check out the roster of the UWS hockey team here and see if you can put the nickname with the real name. I think everyone here at MIX 108 should come up with hockey names, look for that list coming soon.

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If you watch any of their TikToks, you'll notice lots of Duluth and Superior landmarks including Wessman Arena, World of Wheels skate center, Downtown Duluth, Barker's Island, and some other Minnesota landmarks like US Bank Stadium.

In one of their most popular videos, The Hockey Guys shared their visit to World of Wheels skate center in Superior, this TikTiok has over 4 million views!

4 million is impressive, but this video of them talking about their guilty pleasure songs has gotten over 10 million views. A few of The Hockey Guys also produce the No Bad Days podcast, they say they talk about "hockey, our lives, funny stories, Tik Tok, college, and whatever we ramble on about."


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