I can go without a lot of things, but one thing is must have daily is my coffee. I'm one of those that can enjoy a cup of hot coffee on a 90 degree day while sitting on my deck.  Trying a stronger coffee is always an interesting experience, but can you imagine trying the strongest coffee in the world?

Let me explain. Dark roast coffee has less caffeine when compared to lighter roasts, as the process of getting them darker removes some caffeine. However, "Death Wish Coffee" has found a way to give you a medium-to-darker roast, with about 200% more caffeine. They’re so sure that their coffee is the strongest, and most delicious in the world that they will buy it back from you if it’s not. If you’re curious and want to test it out, you can buy a 2oz. sample for about $3, or get a whole pound of it for about $20. I think I'll opt for the sample...how about you?

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