The Arthur M. Anderson cruised through the canal on the way to Two Harbors to load up ore.

The ship has a storied past, being the boat behind the Edmund Fitzgerald when it sank and the last one to make contact with the ship before it went down in Whitefish bay. It's still unknown why the Fitzgerald went down and the Anderson did not. Some say it was from the waves, the broke the ship and made it take on water. From a hatch that was left open, or because of a faulty cover on one of the cargo tanks. Some are even guessing the Fitz went down because it took another lane that was too shallow to be in.

The Fitz did wire that some of the railings had popped, which usually means the boat is taking on water.

That was it, the Fitz was under. The Arthur M. Anderson then became one of two boats that said they would search for the ship.

The spooky part about the Arther M. Anderson is every year the Anderson comes through the canal on the eve of the anniversary of the sinking and leaves the day after.

Here is a video of the Anderson leaving.

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