Just when you think 2020 couldn't get any more bizarre, we finally have the United States Government confirming the existence of unidentified aerial phenomenon. That's the new term they are using instead of UFOs. This should have been huge, front page news across the globe, but with COVID-19 it kinda flew under the radar. I was just talking with a friend the other day about it, and he hadn't even heard the news.

In case you are in the dark on this one, let me fill you in quick. There were some leaked U.S. Navy videos that got out showing fighter pilots chasing down high speed objects. Some of them have actually come forward to share their stories. I never believed in UFO's until these videos came out. Years went by, and now just last week the Pentagon confirmed that these videos were real, and that they are studying them. That is huge!

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Since the 1950's, the United States Government has done everthing in their power to dispel rumors, deny reports, and keep UFO's under wraps. Now they've actually admitted that they don't know what these flying objects are. They've said this footage is real. To be clear, that's all they have confirmed. They haven't confirmed aliens or any of the other sightings. You have to wonder, are they slowly working up to a full disclosure at some point that extraterrestrial life exists?

So how did this all come to be? Tom Delonge is most famously known for being in the rock group Blink 182. They were very popular while I was in high school. The story goes that after he started raising his kids and no longer was touring, Tom needed to find something to do with his time. He always had a passion for UFO's, and so he started the To The Stars Academy. He was able to eventually get the leaked footage out there, and he's still working on finding the truth.

Jim Rome had a segment that summed up a lot of this information, and I think it's worth you watching.

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