How many times over the past few years have you gone to the slip bridge and it has been out? Many times. This is what got the city of Duluth to redesign it and finally get it fixed. According to a press release, the city's consultant engineer, LHB Corp, has come up with a design to improve the operations so it doesn't have the familiar fate we are used to. 

The press release goes on to say that custom manufactured parts have been machined and are ready for installation by Lakehead Constructors. So, finally the old blue bridge will be in working order. During Grandma's Marathon week that bridge is a godsend.

Construction starts March 20th, and won't be done until June, but is expected to be in working order that month. Look for the bridge to be up for a while in May while it is being re-worked. If you need to get to Canal Park for any of the businesses you are asked to take Lake Avenue to Railroad street, then Harbor Drive to get to the DECC.

The city of Duluth is saying not only will the bridge be more reliable in any weather, but after a much-needed paint job will look better too.


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