I waited in line for almost an hour to touch and get my picture taken with the Stanley Cup. I brought my two boys Sam and JJ to wait with me. I almost forgot the cup was being shown at the Amzoil Arena until JJ reminded me.

It was the second time I was able to see and get my picture taken with the Stanley Cup. I visited the US Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth and it just happen to be visiting that day, so I waited to touch the cup then too.

The reason it is visiting Duluth is because former UMD player Norm Maciver is the Asst. GM of the Chicago Blackhawks, and they won the Stanley Cup and each member of the team including Management gets to take the cup for a couple of days. Norm took it out on the lake to go fishing and get family pictures then shared it with the city of Duluth.

About 2000 people waited in line to see the cup and get a picture of it. When I was done with the photo op, my son Sam asked why we waited so long to see that. I told him, that may be the only time he will ever be able to touch it in his lifetime. I told him I have only touched it twice.  That's when it sunk in. JJ was able to get a picture on his phone to share with his friends, who also waited in line.

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